Air Drying

Air Drying is the process of removing water droplets from an item that is moving from one vat to another. The basic design is to impinge high velocity air onto the item as it passes a nozzle or group of nozzles or a slot. In many cases the air must be directed to impinge from more than one direction so as to hit all surfaces.

Film Drying is a common application.
The basic design of the system is outside of the parameters of this program, in that the configuration of the process is in the domain of an industrial engineer. 

Once the parameters are decided, the program can help determine the size of the blower required and the ensuing package.
The engineer can use his layout to determine location, size and number of nozzles or slots to dry the product. Using those figures fill in the figures in the accompanying table to arrive at a volume and pressure requirement

Nozzle and Slot velocities vary between 12,000 and 24,000 FPM.

 Slot Design
Length Width Velocity Quantity
Slot "A" Size
Slot "B" Size
Slot "C" Size
Slot "D" Size
Slot "E" Size
 Nozzle Design
Dia. (In.) Velocity Quantity
Nozzle "A" Size
Nozzle "B" Size
Nozzle "C" Size
Nozzle "D" Size
Nozzle "E" Size

Total Volume of Air 


Nozzle Pressure Required

Line Loss Between Blower & Nozzles
(2 PSI is recommended if pipe lines are of size sufficient to keep line velocities 6000 FPM and nozzle or slot adjusting valves are included.)
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