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     The Royston Family has been involved with the rotary positive blower industry since 1954.  It was at this time that Mark Royston started as a sales engineer for the Sutorbilt Corporation.  In 1959 he started a company called Pacific Pneumatics which began as representative for Sutorbilt in Southern California and grew to be a packager of blowers and supplier of products allied with the positive displacement blower industry.  His wife, Doris, learned the intricacies of the industry as she did the background work of phone answering, preparing the quotes, doing the follow up and all the other necessities of running a business.

    Along the way knowledge was gained that helped in the analysis of blower applications and the selection of the best blower for the job, albeit, at the time limited to the blower that was being represented.  Knowledge of competitorís products led to knowledge of the overall industry.

    The Royston family grew with the addition of five children and as they aged, each learned  about the business through early activities, which in most cases started with cleaning the offices and bathrooms on the weekends.  Each went their way to a career in the world of blowers, and computers.  (See what makes up the Royston Group.)

    Certainly the single largest application for a positive displacement blower over a long period of time is pneumatic conveying.  As this industry grew, the Royston individuals involved, through trouble shooting problems in many cases, gained a knowledge of that industry until a formula was developed that would help size a system if the parameters were known.  The first step toward a computer program was the putting of this formula onto a HP-300 engineering calculator in the early 1970ís.  In the late 1970ís a patent was obtained by Mark Royston for a scaling device that would sense the pressure in the system and after calibration, report out the conveying rate.  This formula had its limitations as it was devolved from empirical data and required conveying  a sample amount through the system and adjusting the formula constant to equate the output reading to agree with the amount conveyed.  This system, while a step forward, needed the advent of modern computers and the accompanying software, to make it a practical product.  The new scaling system (See IDPI, Industrial Data Processing for details) uses sophisticated mathematics  and eliminates the need for a sample amount of product to be conveyed.

    The Royston family members were forward thinking and were on the leading edge of computerized programs for the sizing of positive blowers and the comparison of the results with more than one blower manufacturer.
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