Blower Sizing

1. Confirm installation environment
2. Use volume and pressure from Application Page, or
3. Enter your own Volume and Pressure. Be sure and check all parameters to ensure the computer program interpreted your choice properly.

Installation Location
Sea Level 
or under 1500 feet elevation. _______

1500-3000 Feet Elevation _________ 

3000-4500 Feet Elevation ________

4500-6000 Feet Elevation ________

Over 6000 Feet _______________

Exact Elevation Required for over 6000 feet elevations

Blower Inlet Temperature Range

Minimum ______________ jF

Maximum _______________ j F
(Note: Blower Air Volume is adjusted to give SCFM at Maximum Temperature)

Operating Conditions
At Standard Conditions ______________ SCFM
At Inlet Conditions ______________ ICFM

Pressure Differential 
_______ In. Hg Vacuum (Vacuum Service)
_______ PSI (Pressure Service)
________ Total PSI (Combination Service)
Size Motor For ___________PSI Diff Maximum
Blower Inlet Pressure __________ PSIA
Blower Discharge Pressure __________ PSIA
Gas Being Handled Air
Other Give Name _______________
Specific Gravity ___________

Selections OK Yes No

Blower Accessories Inlet Filter 
Inline Filter Inlet Silencer 
Discharge Silencer
Vacuum Relief Valve , Spring Loaded 
Pressure Relief Valve, Spring Loaded
Weighted Type
Extra Silencer Assembly 
(See "Selection Aids" below for help in choosing accessories.)

Operating Conditions Help
When you have used the Application Sizing page, the information from that page is automatically transferred to the Operating Conditions page and you only have to review and choose whether you want to size the motor for a higher pressure differential than that indicated by the operating conditions. This is important where some of the operating conditions are uncertain, such as a possible surge condition in the loading of a pneumatic conveying system. Remember that a positive displacement blower only consumes the power at its actual operating conditions and the efficiency lost by oversizing the motor can more than compensate for the problems of an undersized system.
When entering the data on pressure differential for a combination system, the computer will convert the inlet vacuum to PSI and add it to the discharge pressure to give the total differential. If the blower is operating as either a vacuum or pressure unit, enter the values in the correct area to indicate the service.
If you select a gas other than air, the blower selection part of the program will assume that want mechanical seals to contain the gas.
Selection Aids
If the blower is for Pressure service only, select the defaulted choice of "Inlet Filter"
If the blower is for Vacuum or Combination (Inlet below Atmospheric Conditions, Discharge above Atmospheric Conditions) Service, choose "Inline Filter."
All noise data shown assumes that both an inlet silencer and discharge silencer are selected as a part of the accessories. No noise data is available for unsilenced blowers. If noise is critical, choose "Extra Silencer Assembly" (Available only through Royston Group.)
Accessories selected are for optimum service.
Environment Help
If the Installation is to be at other than Sea Level, it is important to choose the correct altitude conditions. The computer will take the middle of the range selected and use that as the atmospheric Conditions. If you wish to have the computer work at the exact altitude of the installation, check the over 6000 feet box and enter the exact altitude where prompted.
Some blowers brands and series are designed for heavier duty service. Look at the % of maximum speed at which the unit is operating on the selection chart. Also look at the gear speed . The noise level should also be looked at as you make your choice. If you want to compare prices of different series and brands, use the "Alternate Price options on the Pricing Page.
If you have blowers of a particular brand in your plant, it might be well to choose that Brand.. Another consideration is that a number of series have "same footprint and shaft size interchangeability" with competing brands. These are shown with asterisks after the blower size where available.
Brand Choice
MD Pneumatics 
Or let the computer show all available choices and sort by
Price Efficiency
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