Dewatering is an application that is used to partially remove moisture from a material, as it goes from a slurry to dry product stage. The final process in most cases utilizes the heat of a kiln, but the cost of removing moisture strictly by heat is prohibitive. The material can pass through vacuum or pressure filters that will pull air through the material and draw off the water. The vacuum filter is most popular. There is a filter media upon which the material rests as it goes through the process. The system requires a liquid removal system before it reaches the vacuum source. The collected liquid is discharge continuously through a barometric leg or through a rotary airlock. The companies that design vacuum filters will determine the amount of air required and the vacuum at which the system must operate. That information can be inserted here or you can go directly to sizing page 

Well Pointing
When foundations or other construction items must be placed below the water table, in many cases the problem can most easily be solved using a vacuum system called "well pointing." A series of perforated pipe is located along side and below the area in question. A positive displacement exhauster operates to pull a vacuum on the soil along side the perforated pipe and the water that might prevent the completion of the project is drawn away. In many cases a well pointing service is called in to perform the task
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