Dry Solids Aeration

Dry Solids aeration is used to aerate bulk solids so as to blend (mix) them, make them flow, or to give them a semblance of a liquid.

Investment or lost wax casting molds are made by immersing the wax figure into a bed of sand a number of times to arrive at sufficient coats for use as a sand mold.  This is possible only with the sand aerated.

Blending products can use an aeration process where the bottom material is continually moved to the top of the pile and the entire mass becomes homogenous. 

The air activated gravity conveyor  (Airslide) is an example of dry solids aeration where the final product will flow like water, as long as it is kept aerated.

An aerated material will flow out of a storage bin or silo.

Engineering centers around the pressure losses necessary to overcome the air pad underneath the material plus the pressure necessary to overcome the head of material, and the amount of air necessary  to activate the material (usually expressed in CFM/Square foot of product.)

In the case of sand aeration, it is necessary to devise a method of breaking loose the packed sand at the beginning of the process.  This can be done with auxiliary compressed air or by starting the aeration slowly by bypassing a portion of the air until the material becomes aerated.
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