Environmental Vacuum

Environmental Vacuum is the application that involves soil remediation. When contaminants are found in the soil, they are determined to be polluted sites and the environmental engineer has a number of choices to remediate the soil. One of the choices is to lay perforated pipe in the polluted soil and pull a vacuum on the soil through the piping. The amount of vacuum needed and the volume of air (or more correctly, gas) is determined by the engineer through pilot testing or other means. There are some cases where air under pressure is introduced into the soil to assist in this endeavor. The soil is tested on a regular basis and the success of the operation determined from the testing.
Since the air pulled from the soil is contaminated with the pollutants, it must be cleaned before it is passed on to the atmosphere. There are a number of methods available for this cleaning including passing the contaminated air through a burner or through an activated carbon filter. Since the air can contain a large amount of water vapor, the carbon can become less active because of the moisture in the soil. There are water removal systems that can easily pay for themselves as the initial cost, depreciated over a relative short period of time, plus the operating costs is far less than the maintenance of the activated carbon filters.
The liquid collected must also be treated for its contaminants before being discharged back to the soil or to a sewer system.
The accompanying form can be used to establish sizing criteria.
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