Membership Pricing

There will be a choice of Fee schedules to accommodate the needs from the casual user to the routine user. There are extras for those who want to avail themselves of details beyond the selection and sizing of the blower, such as Instant Pricing and Instant blower Packaging drawings. There is a One Time Setup Fee of $100 which for a limited time will be waived.

  Daily  6 Months Annual
Basic Services (see details below) $200 $1,400 $2,500
Premium Services (see details below)  
All of the above services
plus Instant Pricing & Quote 
$300 $2,000 $3,700
All of the above services
plus Instant Packaging Drawings & Bill of Materials
$600 $2,700 $5000

Fees may be paid by Credit Card through our online services or in advance for a specified duration by Invoicing. If the user begins on a daily rate and then later switches to the annual service, 50% of the daily charges that have been incurred (to a maximum of $500 credit) will be credited toward the annual fee.

 1. Basic Services 
Allows the user access to the Application Selection details and an Engineering Selection of a blower to fit his detailed specifications. The user will fill in the Application Details and the air volume and pressure solution will be immediately displayed. On certain applications (Pneumatic Conveying), a multiple choice is presented so that the user can select the conveying pipe size that best suits other parameters of the installation. 
Once the volume and pressure are displayed, the user can move to the Blower Sizing Selection page where the blower is sized. A choice of brands is displayed and the user can choose among those brands to get the best blower for his needs, considering other aspects, such as matching the size and brand of existing blowers in the facility. The sizing program will display the blower size, speed, horse power, estimated noise level, maximum allowable parameters of the blower. A number of sizes are displayed so that the user can make a choice that meets the one to best serve the needs of the installation. 

2. Premium Services
Allows the user to move from the Sizing Section to the Instant Pricing and Quotation Section that will size the accessories in a normal package and display a basic price of the package. For daily users, the details can be printed without references to the service on plain paper. For those signed up for annual service, their logotype and letterhead and "boilerplate" can be stored in the program and the quotation will print out those details as a part of the quote for speedier transmission to their customer. In addition the annual user will be allowed access to the pricing details that will allow the addition of components to customize the package. The normal markup that establishes budget pricing is not changeable for the daily user, but can be changed by the annual user.
The Instant Drawing and Bill of Materials Service will provide the user with a layout of the base so that shop personnel can immediately begin fabrication of the package. In addition a dimensioned drawing will be provided that can be sent to the ultimate customer. A pick list for the components will be a part of the package for use by purchasing and/or shop personnel.
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