Liquid Lifting

Liquid Lifting is the use of vacuum to lift a liquid to a higher elevation. Industrial and agricultural applications include the use of vacuum to start a siphon or to unload or move product that is immersed in liquid. Moving fruit that is in vats is a typical use. While the application can be solved using a vacuum pump with a small displacement, if the application calls for moving the product swiftly, then the volume capabilities of the positive displacement vacuum blower can be useful.
One of the historic uses of a Sutorbilt blower was chronicled in the book "Under The Red Sea Sun" which was the story of the salvaging of the German vessels at the entrance to the Suez Canal in World War II.
Since a perfect vacuum would limit lifting to less than 33.5 feet, it is interesting to note that by introducing air down to the area of the pickup point, the specific gravity of the liquid can be reduced and liquid can be lifted to just about any height desired. 

Fish Unloading
The largest singe use of the vacuum lifting principle was to unload fish from boats. During the 1940's the Kimberly Fish Pump was designed and used successfully for many years. The fish were sprayed with a supply of water and the resulting composite was lifted by hose into a vacuum chamber where the fish and water were discharged out through an oversized rotary airlock.
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