Pneumatic Conveying

    A pneumatic conveying system is one that transfers bulk loose product from one point to another through a pipeline The most efficient system is a pressure type and is one that picks up from a single point and discharges to one or more locations.
    A vacuum system is less efficient but can be used to pick up from multiple locations and discharge to a single point.
    If multiple pickup points and multiple discharge points are to be served, a combination system (Pull-Push) can be used. The most efficient combination is one that uses the shortest distance possible on the vacuum side and most of the conveying distance on the pressure side.
    The most efficient for a combination system (but more initial cost) is a two blower system, utilizing one blower for the vacuum conveying and one blower for the pressure conveying.

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 System Details
Vacuum Combination (Pull-Push) one Blower
Pressure Combination (Pull-Push) two Blower
 Material Details
Name of product
Packed Density
Aerated density
Size of Granules 
Sieve Analysis (if known)  325 mesh % retained
200 mesh % retained
100 mesh % retained
Does it flow Freely? Yes  No
Is it Sticky? Yes  No
Hygroscopic? Yes  No
Does it Bridge? Yes  No
Is it Dusty? Yes  No
Friable? Yes  No
Powdery? Yes  No
Granular? Yes  No
Abrasive? Yes  No
Heat Sensitive ? Yes  No

 (If Heat Sensitive) Maximum allowable conveying air temperature

Degrees F.
 Conveying Details

Maximum Instantaneous Rate 

Tons per Hour OR Pounds per Hour



  Maximum Distance Horizontal


Maximum Distance Vertical


Number of Elbows

  90 Elbows
45 Elbows
30 Elbows

Number of Diverter Valves

Number of Scale Valves

(No piping for a pneumatic conveying system should be installed on an incline. Runs should be either vertical or horizontal.)
 Pick Up Details

Number of Pick Up Points

Vacuum Pick Up Point(s) Pressure Systems Pick Up Point(s)
Open Pile Airlock Discharge
Metered Feed Pressure Tank Discharge
Rail Car Unload Railroad Airslide 
Pressure Screw
 Discharge Details
Discharge Point(s)  (Number)
Open Storage Cyclone
Scale Hopper Filter Receiver
Use Bin

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